Wednesday, June 24, 2009

24th June

Front : Pudding Milk Tea RM4.00 & White Milk Tea RM3.50

Maggie mee berharga RM12.90 - Tempura Prawn Noodle with Kimchi

@ The Tarot Cafe - Fried Seafood Udon RM 8.90
There were few squid rings in there. So someone thought that how come this Udon taste weird??
Because he mistaken the squid as Udon Noodle...tsk tsk tsk

What we had last night :) It's always full house
Rating : 4.5/10

It's a special day today...
Forgot to buy Toto & postpone watching Transformer 2 - that's what I'm planning to watch for today.

*No updates for so bz bz with works **sighs*** & dun dare to FB & read blogs/news etc.

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