Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Confessions of A Working Girl

Behold Guys & Girls ! This is not what I'm goin to tell. Don't judge a book by it's cover. I know it look kinky tho :P

I don't know the contains of the book. I did not read it either. I saw this book when i strolled around MPH. The title attracted me at fist sight. When I looked at the back of the book for the price. Whoaa!! That scary me :X Go & grab yourself this book at your nearest bookstore. Or you can read below for the sequel (wtf!)

This is where I works from 8-5. See...I'm surrounded by file shelves (or whatever you call it). Left right & back are all my files. Not a good feng shui :( Try to re-locate my file shelves when FRM team move to a new office. Hope I can get a very "ong" location. Wish me lots of luckss.
The "Danger" sign quite blur. That's my boss room. (Click the pic to enlarge em'. Those were my mini deco for Raya. Stupid ladybirds !)
Unfinish workloads. This is how I work. So unprofessional ey? Yeah I don't organize my table well, even though there were like 4 table shelves for me to place my documents. I simply don't have time to arrange unfinish papers. But my priority is always to finish my work on time. (Hoping I can relax the remaining hour/minutes before I left for home. But I'm always wrong)

Another table shelve(for filing) + the chair (to courier to each departments)

Today I did my filing or piling. Arghhh!! Hope I have those robots/tractors/bulldozers etc. etc. to help me. I only got 2 arms but my works is like never ending story. No one help me. Just me alone :x

Praying hard to get a new assistant? Nah..forget about it. Dreaming my way to a moo moo land... Only 2 days of Public Holiday..ain't enough for me :P

Those ladybugs searching for money inside. :)
This is what I did during the absence of my colleagues. All by myself when I was free at that time. Short & ugly.. :(

Another one...

Last but not least, Selamat Hari Raya to the people out there who celebrate this festival ! I'm not looking forward for Friday. wtf management did not give us a free holiday. Soo alang-alang one. Anyway I'm looking forward for the weekend. Yay !

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chef Delicious

Last Thursday having my dinner with my family at Chef Delicious's Restaurant in occasion of my lil' bro's bthday.
Enjoy the foods :)
Don't know what dish is this. I guess they are Fish Fillet (Thai Style)

What make it more special about this restaurant is that they provide private rooms & Karaoke sets for the customers. Sound interesting ey? Good food + Karaoke = Marvelous Bon Appetite.
I'm so surprised when they have the latest hits in
their list.
You named it you got it !
Happy Birthday !!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Ok...so here I am with my 1st ever official entry :) *tehee*. No offense to the others out there with my poor English yeah becuz I get used of the unformal conversations. Well, correct me if I'm wrong.

Since it is my 1st ever entry today I reward myself by buying a hp that I wanted quite sometimes ago. (WTF! nothing to do with blogging purpose). Guess what brand of hp I bought yesterday??

My BlackBerry(R) Bold
Nice huh? Bold & sexy but then I thought this kinda mobile only suite high ranking position people. Don't you think it's weird to see a general worker like me to use such a high tech mobile a.k.a blackberry? Unless it is provided by the company then I don't mind :) Hey, my colleagues have PDA's provided by company but they have a special task to use it.. Nah, I don't want to take the risk even though this one look elegant.
Conclusion : I don't think I will buy this kind of mobile. It's freaking expensive. That will burn my pocket. Unless it's a gift from Gowd..

This is my dream mobile :)
My K660i
Let me introduce my new toy. My K660i !!! Hey that suite me since i lurve the no.6.
Errr...not much comments. FYI i don't have enough *kching Kching* so this is not my new toy. WTF.

My Nokia 5320

So this is the No.1 brand that most people use nowadays. I love this! I love this! Love at 2nd sight. No doubt I'm kinda choosy when selecting a mobile for myself. That's why love at 2nd sight. When I knew of the price tag right after they launched it few months ago, I can't help but to forget about it :`( too expensive but the brother/sister of 5320 which is Nokia 5220 is a bit retarded. Don't suite me even thought it is much more cheaper..DaRn!
Conclusion : Don't meet my budget

Last but not least....
Let me introduce you my baby, my companion, my new toy, my new mobile. She is non other than my K530i *gRin*
This one meet my budget, my liking, my criteria etc etc. Never it cross my mind to buy a Sony Ericsson handphone. No...i used to think that Sony Ericsson is the worst hp to purchase. That was last time. But now, I don't think Sony's hp is that lousy. I was introduced it by a hp seller when i was strolling with my boo at Sg. Wang. I guess it worth it to buy this mobile. Slim & sleek. Got 3G some more worr. Can blog using this hp when don't have internet connection at home :) But most importantly I can upload my fav songs. My Nokia 6600 is crap. Can't even upload songs to my hp (no cable, no radio, no ear phone during the time of purchased, different software some more). That was like 4 years ago when I purchased it. So now my Nokia 6600 got companion liao. She's no longer single anymore.
WTF! I don't read Chinese :x

I bought it from Cute & Nice Teleshop :)

That's all folks! Gonna Pimp My Mobile :P

Saturday, September 13, 2008

~ Still Under Construction~

From today onwards my site will be under construction.
I will do a proper interior design for my site before I start em'.
So, see yah!

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