Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY Dinner

Went for dinner at Chef Delicious Restaurant again on the 4th day of Chinese New Year. The restaurant was full house that day. In case you wanna dine here remember to bring extra money or credit card. Let the pictures do the talking.

Welcome Dish. (From Left : Seaweed, Kea Kian (Chicken Organ) & brown alga). Sorry if I decribe them wrongly. Just judge them by looking at the foods ;)

Hai Som Teng

Combination of Cold Dish

2nd Dish was Mix Veggie. No pic...The yam was superb :))

Duno what fish. As long we can eat it

Crispy Fried Crab (duno which part of crabbie) with floss.

Salty Deep Fried Prawn
(which is very high in colestrol)

Pork Leg with buns

Last but not least, thanks dad for the wonderful dinner! Such a nice environment eat+karaok-ing = very very nice dinner.

"Happy Chinese Niu Year"

Friday, January 30, 2009

Petronas 2009 CNY Advertisement

This year Petronas had this advertisement. Honestly, I never see this ad. in TV until I saw it at Kim Ong's blog. Again by Yasmin. The advertisement portray children nowadays how they treat their parents..(watch it & u'll know what I mean). They never appreciate what they had until they lost their loved ones.

Live Your Life to the fullest =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 right back...

No update for so long. Lazy to update here. Jz see my facebook for more photos.

As for now, be right back & Happy Niu Year.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Triple Celebrations

My "Peace Sign" hand got burnt (first degree burn) by hot steam last night. Great! I didn't know that the pot was just boiled & never do I expect that the heat was that friggin hot! Despite what had been said earlier were more hurt rather than my burnt epidermis :(

Quickly I went to the sinki & cooled it down under running water for few minutes but it didn't get better even after mum applied Colgate. How did I feel? Hmm it's like when you cut a chili padi & you rub the chilies onto your finger. DaRn hot & spicy x10000 times. It's finger lickin' good.

Red & sore more at my right finger. Whenever I press it, it's soo painful & as if there is a balloon on my finger.

After that, I found my car tyre punctured. Great!!

Last but not least ....

To myself, hope Year 2009 is a happy year & hope I found a job soon! (Pray to God). I want to be a better person this year. Hope my resolution this year is a successful one :)
Forgive & remember what had happened in 2008 & learn from my mistakes. Thanks to all of my friends, colleagues & my loved ones for being there for me thru good & bad times & many many thanks to all of my friends for their wishes even though some haven't wish me yet at the time I posted this post. **evil grin** .....

To my Ex-ED

Adios & good luck in whatever you are doing now & also in the future



and also
everybody's favorite
Mr. Bean @ Rowan Sebastian Atkinson

P.s/ This is not Johnny Deep!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Yay! Another year come & go. Time flies really fast. All I can say Year 2008 really give me a very unforgettable memory both sad & happy one.

Don't want to talk much just wanna wish everybody a Happppppyyyy New Yeaar!

Hope I'm gonna have a happy year for myself :) **finger crossed**
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