Monday, November 22, 2010


It's been a hard week at work last week. Datelines, dateline & datelines...Can't imagine I spent most of my times at work. Those were the days I used to work from 8-5. Wish I can go back home sharp and spend my time watching tv, reading newspaper and online. That is why my blog had been "pencen" for a year!

Hmmm....i'm lack of idea. Can't keep on writing about myself. Maybe I should start something to share with friends or something else so that I can look back what I've done.

Anyway, still prefer my "Lace Theme". Don't have time to change to other theme. Miss my time while I'm still working with "nyah". Hahha....miss you!

P.s/ Just realized that I had mentioned bout my hectic job a year ago :P

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10th November

Lurve this cupcakes very much....

Dear Daddy, Happy Birthday to you & We love you very much. Rain or shine we will always there for you! Wish we can say out loud to you...and wishing you Good health always =)

Saturday, August 22, 2009


It's been ages since I didn't up date my blog occasionally. Either I'm out of idea or I don't have the time to blog anything interesting. I wanted to blog about my working place but .....there nothing interesting I wanted to share with.

Ever since I'm working at the new place I don't have time for everything. I don't even have time to chat with ex-colleagues, read blogs, read e-news, update on the latest song, latest fashion etc etc. I'm kinda left behind. I miss all those time when I have the freedom doing all those things at the comfort of myself at the office at my desk without my boss scolding or nagging at me. (Long sighs) How I wish I never "kicked" out from that co. Somehow or rather life goes on & accept everything as faith and my decision of upgrading myself to a position which I never expect. It's too late to regret but I take this opportunity to learn as much as I can and gain more experience for future sake. Patient is the key to success!

Now I seldom surf net in the office. Only when I have the "freedom" then I dare to log in. Sometimes I don't have the freedom unless I have a blocking space that no one can see me online :)
I can say that I go back home late everyday. I even work till late, which I don't like even my loved ones at home. But I hope that they understand what I've been through. People said this is different. This is not a company like any other company where they have flexible working hours. My working time is very hectic. Everyday market list market list comes to my desk and the worst part is I have the dateline everyday. Most of the time I have to run from one office to another office which located quite far. Sometimes I have to wear my flat shoes to run. Most of the time I have to eat my lunch very late just to finish my task. It's not that I want to show off my hardworkingness. Dang! Every week I have to bring back my work for the weekends. I didn't live my enjoyable weekend life like how I used to :( There are times when I've done my best to complete every tasks given and yet people still not happy with what I've done and often get the negative feedback. I'm just a normal human who only have two hands not like a machine who can work perfectly.

I can't relate too much about my work. But for sure I'm still learning and gaining more experience as much as I could before I declare myself as "taukenio". Ahaks....In my dream I guess. This is the opportunity I have while I'm still young. So live life to the fullest while I have the opportunity :)

Last but not least, I'm glad that I'm part of the team!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


That gonna be the 1st event for us. Time flies really fast and yet we still counting to the "GO". Left 71 more days to go. I got myself a ticket to the show! Hmmm not looking forward to it though at first but eventually bla bla bla...hmmm wondering will that be a happening events? Just wait & see on this Saturday, 8th August.

And don't ask me where to get this ticket. I'm not the tickets seller :P

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

24th June

Front : Pudding Milk Tea RM4.00 & White Milk Tea RM3.50

Maggie mee berharga RM12.90 - Tempura Prawn Noodle with Kimchi

@ The Tarot Cafe - Fried Seafood Udon RM 8.90
There were few squid rings in there. So someone thought that how come this Udon taste weird??
Because he mistaken the squid as Udon Noodle...tsk tsk tsk

What we had last night :) It's always full house
Rating : 4.5/10

It's a special day today...
Forgot to buy Toto & postpone watching Transformer 2 - that's what I'm planning to watch for today.

*No updates for so bz bz with works **sighs*** & dun dare to FB & read blogs/news etc.

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